EVERY FIREPLACE, A MASTERPIECE. This is the brand philosophy - an expression of excellence at the service of its customers, because it’s possible to have the UNIQUE bespoke fireplace of your dreams. It is the most stylistic and design-oriented brand of the Group. It offers a refined collection of gas- and wood-burning fireplaces designed as furnishing elements that enhance and frame the flame.

INTENSE PASSION. Top quality and highly reliable fireplaces and stoves in which technology meets craftsmanship to ensure comfort in the home. Piazzetta is the original core brand of the Group and covers a wide and diversified range of fireplaces and stoves. The brand equity lies in the ability it has always had to find the right balance between practicality and technological innovation, seeking new solutions and developing models of high aesthetic quality.

ENJOYABLE HEAT. A wide range of wood - and pellet-burning stoves offers the opportunity of economising without forgoing the comfort of pleasurable warmth. Superior provides a wide range of wood- or pellet-burning appliances, which ensure an efficient domestic heating system competitively tuned to needs and offering excellent value for money.

Gruppo Piazzetta is a byword for transparency, reliability, dynamism and concreteness. In other words it stands for everything that is Made in Italy.