Gruppo Piazzetta’s story is one of research, innovation, expertise, knowledge and selection of the best materials and of course technology combined with true craftsmanship. Not only our customers but also the surrounding environment receive our full attention and respect. All this is the tangible reality of a great company that ever since 1960 has focussed on finding state-of-the-art solutions for ensuring comfort and efficient heating systems.

1960 Domenico Piazzetta founded the company
1969 the first cement fireplace was made with cast-iron firebox
1975 the marble division was set up to create superior claddings and surrounds
1976 the first steel appliance was made with the patented MULTIFUOCO SYSTEM
1982 the MULTIFUOCO SYSTEM was applied to a stove. The ceramics division was established  1989 Gruppo Piazzetta took over and relaunched the well-established brand SUPERIOR              
1990 Aluker, the revolutionary material that improves combustion and the diffusion of heat, was patented                                        

1994 STUBOTTO KAM was created, an original stove-fireplace in majolica 
1995 the I Veneziani range saw the light – a collection of superb majolica surrounds                   
1999 the pellet stove P940 was designed and produced, offering reduced fuel consumption and exceptional performance 

2004 saw the creation of the Piazzetta DESIGN brand and the first gas fireplaces in Italy            
2010 with 50 years activity behind it, Gruppo Piazzetta has time and again, across its entire manufacturing base, proved its great capabilities and reliability.