“To create innovative heating solutions and combine quality and stylishness by developing new ideas and atmospheres around the fire to make it the real heart of the home”: that is Gruppo Piazzetta’s mission. Our fireplaces and stoves spring from this philosophy and our current range of products includes an extremely wide collection of claddings/surrounds in majolica, in more than fifty colours, and in marble with the choice of rustic, traditional and modern designs. Wood, pellet or gas-burning fireboxes and grates can be installed in any of them. There are more than one hundred versions of fireplace to choose from, whether the basic prefabricated type, stylish artistic fireplaces, wood or pellet-burning fireplace inserts to spark new life into existing fireplaces, boiler fireplaces for hot water production or pellet and gas-burning appliances.
The range of stoves also offers an extensive choice of style, specifications and types. The products include a gamut of small but powerful pellet stoves with metal or majolica claddings to the exclusive versions of Stubotto, the original stove-fireplace in majolica.