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INFORMATION NOTE PURSUANT TO SECTION 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/03

The personal data collected on this web page will be processed in electronic and hardcopy format for the following purposes:
  •   solely to be able to answer your enquiry about products or retail outlets (consent to use of data is necessary in order to provide the information you requested)
  • also for marketing purposes and to send sales or promotional information. (consent is optional, any refusal will not affect our providing the requested information)
Such data will not be distributed or disclosed to third parties and will therefore only be used by staff on the Telephone Switchboard or in the After-Sales Service and Customer Service areas. With regard to the provided data, the data subject is entitled to exercise the rights laid down under section 7 by sending an appropriate written request to the Data Controller: Gruppo Piazzetta SRL, Via Montello 22, 31011 Casella D’Asolo – Treviso, or by sending an e-mail to the following address or a fax on +39 0423 55178.